Switching Gears with Transmission

Transmission bills itself as a Fast, Easy, and Free BitTorrent client and that’s just what it is. It’s one of the first apps I install on a new Mac, I hear about it often in forums and podcasts, and it has a solid community behind it with a great team of developers. With that said, after a recent visit to the project’s website, I thought it could use a refresh—I thought, “I can’t contribute much to the project’s repo, but this I could do.”

Note: I’m sure that the folks at Stranded Design and Boolable are great, and I know that the site does what it needs to, but it seems neglected and I wanted to see what I could bring to it with a fresh coat of paint and a few odd and end improvements. Anything owned by Transmission is the sole property of Transmission I don’t own any of it. This is for demonstration.

Here’s What Went Into It

  • A fresh WordPress install with my boilerplate setup to expedite editing the existing content and making it all more responsive.
  • Some IA cleanup; simplified menu and some pages for simpler UX
  • Held onto the colors; That made the existing site stand out to me.
  • Improved accessibility by adding title attributes to many of the links, set external links to open in a new tab, removed broken links that I saw, etc.
  • I renamed the Add-Ons/Resources page to Companions
  • Added larger text, larger images, and white space to improve readability
  • Added a dedicated contact page where visitors can mark the message as General or Security based. This way, there’s one spot they see to contact and not several, semi-hidden email addresses.
  • Added some “quick links” to the footer globally
  • I rewrote the Download page, now Downloads, with new icons and improved styling. I think I’m most pleased with the changes there.
  • Added Simple SSL, Invisible reCAPTCHA, and WP Super Cache to handle always having SSL, to fight spam, and to improve load time
  • Other odds and ends went into this, and I would list them all with a bunch of before and after photos, but I think it’d be easier to show you.

Here’s the existing site: https://transmissionbt.com/

Here are a few scrolling screenshots of what I put together:

What do you think? What else could I improve? With more time, there’s more I’d like to improve myself. Transmission, if you read this, I love the app. Let me know if you’d like an import file or if I might help with anything.

Clients, Rejoice! Enjoy Faster Sites, On Me

To my clients that host their projects with me,

I’ve recently made the investment to upgrade my web server. If you’re hosting a website with me, enjoy lower latency and higher performance. At no extra cost to you. It’s important to me that your sites don’t just work, but work well, for you and your visitors. I think this will help ensure that they do!

All the best,